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The U'Winevest Concept

U'WINEVEST is the only Primeurs Fine Wine Investment mandate offer, fully protecting the ownership of the clients assets.

Our customer profile

U'WINEVEST Personnal Wine Portfolios are targeted at clients wishing to invest in fine wine, whether it is for asset diversification, capital appreciation, future drinking or a combination of all, over the short to medium term (5 to 10 years).

Comprehensive service

U’WINE will carefully manage the entire process, from selecting, buying, insuring and storing to steering the investment portfolio and navigating through every aspect of the wine business for its Clients.


The Clients remain owners of the underlying asset and retain full access and control of their portfolio offering transparency, liquidity and risk profile.

A personal follow-up

Via a personal and securized access to the U'WINE CELLAR MANAGER, or on request, U’WINE will provide updates on the market value of the portfolio, as well as opportunities to add assets to your basket or liquidate part of it.

U'Winevest is registered by the French Financial Authority (AMF) as of August 26th, 2014.
That certification means that U'Winevest abides by the French Financial Authority regulations and strictly follows the Investors' Protection rules.


U'Wine manages for you a portfolio of alternative and performance investment.

A limited offer which return is enhanced with time

Wine has always been a product cherished by devoted drinkers, connoisseurs, wine amateurs and other collectors.

More recently, due to increased publicity, greater understanding of the product and increased demand from new markets, wine has been considered as a credible component of an alternative investment strategy

However, like any investment, Wine investment could bear a risk of depreciation in case of resale.

The principles of wine investment are linked to supply and demand, the understanding of brands as a driver and the arrival of a new vintages to the market each year.

The key investment ratios for fine wine are:

  • Fine wine is a natural finished product that is limited in supply. Global consumption is increasing. In the last decade, the world saw the global demand grow especially from BRIC countries.
  • Consumers today are traditional drinkers, rising middle class, collectors, wine funds and institutional investors. Geographically speaking the demand coming from China & Russia is huge with increasing interest from the BRICS.
  • Wine is a tangible asset and investment that suits perfectly all investors seeking physical commodities and assets during inflationary times to hedge against devaluation.
  • Fine wine as an asset class has generally shown stable returns and low volatility.

A new stype of asset class: SWAG

Joe Roseman, former economist at Moore Capital Management, argues that investors should prop up their portfolios with a new style of asset class: SWAG (Silver, Wine, Art, Gold).
According to Roseman, the SWAGs success can be attributed to several common characteristics listed below:

  • They are all physical assets.
  • They all have longevity.
  • There is no incumbent debt associated with the asset.
  • They are transportable and relatively easy to store/hold.
  • There is scarcity – a finite supply.
  • There is no income stream – so no income tax liability.
  • Asset performance seems relatively uncorrelated to equity markets.
  • A sovereign default would not alter any of the above traits.


An investment in a luxury, concrete and exclusive product.

  • U’WINE invests in great Bordeaux Wines, predominantly in their Year of Production (en Primeurs).
  • U'WINEVEST is a distinguished Wine Investment Model as it gives access to Bordeaux Grands Crus to its customers, mainly on their production year (en-Primeurs) to benefit from their very first sale price, lowering the purchasing risks while optimizing potential returns.
  • U’Wine advises you on how to select the right wines to match your wine preferences whilst assessing your wine portfolio risk profile.
  • U’Wine also offers you opportunities to invest in lesser-known wines for a higher potential return.
  • U’Wine helps managing and monitoring your Personal Wine Portfolio through regular quarterly portfolio evaluations and bespoke advice on the selection of wines in your cellar.

The « En-Primeur" system is exclusive to the Bordeaux market place. It consists in pre-selling the Bordeaux Grands Crus when they are still maturing in casks at the Châteaux’ before the effective bottling and delivery.
The « En Primeur » purchase starts 9 months after the latest harvests and lasts until July.
This period is the first purchase opportunity of the new vintage.


U’WINE integrally manages your Personal Wine Portfolios (PWP) from Bordeaux Grands Crus selection to your investment release.

July - Year 0
January - Year 3 & more
Ivesting in a selection of Bordeaux Grands Crus
Portfolio management

Selection and Booking

Personal Portfolio & Investment Choices.

The wine is still in grape form or already in casks.

U’Wine Mandate

Mandate Approval, 10% Deposit, Portfolio Build-up.

Your Investment Advisor will select your Portfolio based.

Packaging and Storage choice

Specially made of original cases of 1, 2, 3 bottles, Magnum, ...

Tailor made Casing based on your preferences.

Portfolio Final version

After payment of the Balance, Wines become Client’s Property.

The wine is in Casks.

Management Services

Information Hotline, Advisory Services, Wine real estate investment, etc.

Transportation & Storage in Optimal Conditions.


U'Winevest offers 3 different portfolio profiles matching with your needs and requirements.

Rising Stars

Grands Crus which are increasing in reputation and promising interesting return justifying their selection for U'WINEVEST. A pleasure investment with higher potential return & limited downside.

At least 50% of Rising stars wines. 20% to 30% split between Premiers Crus and Famous Seconds.

Estimated resale duration of at least 6 months (excl. School terms).

Possible risk of loss (young wines, new rising reputation to confirm)

Famous Seconds

Second Wines of Premiers Crus or classified wines (1855, Saint-Emilion). The in vogue wines with high demand in Asia. High return, trendy, a bit more risky.

At least 50% of the Premiers Crus’ Second Wines. 20% to 30% split between Rising Stars & Premiers Crus.

Estimated resale duration from 3 to 6 months (excl. School terms).

Low risk of loss (wines with increasing reputation since at least 5 years).

Premiers Crus

The most famous Châteaux with an established and deep reputation. Security, stability, high return.

At least 50% of Premiers Crus. 20% to 30% split between Rising Stars & Famous Seconds.

Estimated resale duration of 3 moints (excl. School terms).

Limited risk of loss (wines with very high established reputation since more than 15 years).


To optimize portfolio return, the Investor can authorize U'Wine to invest in "market opportunities", up to 30% of the total investment amount and within the conditions of the selected portfolio profile.

You also have access to the global U'WINE services defined in the Management mandate.

The Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés: our partner

Which investor are you?

(private, holding)

Diversify your investment in a tangible, protecting and performing asset.


Create your wine cellar, consume for free
and make profits.


Create and finance personal wine portfolios for each of your children and/or grandchildren.


U'Winevest offers

Total commitment amount

from 20 to 50 K€

from 50 to 200 K€

More than 200 K€

Annual minimum investment

10 K€

25 K€

50 K€

Portfolio profile access

Rising Stars, Famous Seconds

Rising Stars, Famous Seconds, Premiers Crus

Rising Stars, Famous Seconds, Premiers Crus

U'Wine Club access (events, châteaux visits, tailor made wine cellar)

"Grand Cru" Card

"Grand Cru Classé" Card

"Premier Grand Cru Classé" Card

Investment process

Signature of the Management Mandate and the Resale Mandate

Signature of the Management Mandate

Signature of the Management Mandate

Disposal conditions and Investment duration

Resale decided by U'Wine between year 5 and 7

Resale decided by the Client after year 5

Resale decided by the Client after year 5

Possibility to get the wines delivered

Depending on the remaining stock after resale

Client own selection

Client own selection

Sponsored by

1% discount for your sponsor on his U'Wine investment, for every sponsorship leading to the signature of a new U'Wine investment mandate

Which customer are you?


If you wish to have more information, do not hesitate to contact us using the below contact form.